Now Introducing: FLEXSCREEN Interface for The Collector System®.

Imagine the ability for key information to be available that would improve group work efficiency.

        -You may only want to view/update medical data.
        -You may only want to view/update RMS Interface data.
        -You may only want view/update financial screen data.
        -You may only want to view/update bankruptcy data.
        -You may only want to view the MICR check history data.
        -You may only want to view/update MICR code data.
        -You may want to view/update multiple file attributes in an individual screen.
                Example: D1 (debtor attribute 1), F3 (fiscal attribute 3), O5 (custom file attribute 5), ...

FLEXSCREEN Interface Features:
Ability to create unlimited number of flexible screens.
Ability to create your own screen field descriptions unique to your agency.
Ability to map the Debtor, Fiscal, or Other files and associated attributes.
Ability to set the maximum length for the data to be viewed/updated.
Ability to allow each field to be viewed or updated.
Ability to indicate the field type; Date, Phone, SSN, Dollars, or take out leading zero's.
Ability to create a pop-up box for predetermined answers. This will allow the end-user to select a valid answer.
Ability to create 4 headers (sub-headers) per screen.
Ability to link screens together.
Ability to move back and forth between screens.

Required Software:
The Collector Systemâ„¢

If you like the FLEXSCREEN Interface but you would like additional enhancements then let us customize the interface to meet your business needs.
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