Service is at the very heart of our business model here at Liahona Development Solutions, Corp.  We have the right balance of customer service and expertise to keep you successful.

One of our key strengths has been our ability to take up projects of varying sizes and then ensure that they get quality treatment throughout the execution.  Whether you need custom enhancements to The Collector System® or are looking for technology to automate the internal processes of your organization; we have the expertise to assist you. 

Customize The Collector System®

We have over 30+ combined years of experience in every aspect of customizing to enhance The Collector System®; user interfaces, web portals, database design, support, and training.

Advice & Project Planning Our team can get involved at early stages of the project to conduct valuable technical research and evaluation.
Let Us Assis You With: Project Scope and Costing.
Analysis and Design.
Functional Specifications.
Technology Choice.
Software Architecture Design.

Technical Skill Set
Our team has expertise in the following technology areas:
  • Microsoft Windows Servers, Unix
  • Apache/IIS
  • Java/J2EE, Perl, VB, VB.NET, Pick
  • MySQL, MS SQL, Universe, jBase.
  • GUI design, Website layout & design